Hot & Spicy
Price May Change without Notice


A1. Clear Soup
Clear broth w. mushrooms, fried onions & scallion
A2. Miso Soup
Tofu, seaweed, scallion with soy beans paste broth
A3. Egg Drop Soup 2.99
spicy A4. Hot & Sour Soup 3.99
A5. Wonton Soup
Pork dumplings scallion soup
A6. Seafood Soup
Shrimp, scallop, crabmeat with broth


A7. Garden Salad
Mixed greens, carrot & purple onion w. ginger dressing
A8. Seaweed Salad
Marinated seaweed
A9. Kani Salad
Crabmeat & cucumber w. chef special sauce
A10. Squid Salad 5.99
A11. Avocado Salad
House salad topped w. avocado & sesame seeds
spicy A12. Spicy Kani Salad
Spicy crabmeat & cucumber


A13. Spring Roll (3) 3.99
A14. Egg Roll (2) 3.49
A15. Edamame
Steamed soybeans lightly salted
A16. Agedashi Tofu (6) 3.99
A17. Crab Rangoon (6) 5.99
A18. Gyoza (Pork or Vegetable) 5.99
A19. Yakitori
Chicken $5.99 / Beef $6.99 / Shrimp $6.99
A20. Crispy Calamari 7.99
A21. Tempura
Vegetable $6.99 / Chicken $7.99 / Shrimp $8.99
spicy A22. Tempura Jalapeno 8.99
A23. Soft Shell Crab 9.99

Sushi Starter

A24. Tuna Martini 7.59
A25. Pepper Tuna 8.99
A26. Tuna or Salmon Tataki 8.99
A27. Sexy White Tuna 8.99
A28. Jalapeno Yellowtail 9.99

Sushi or Sashimi

Each order includes 2 pieces
1. Tamago 3.99
2. Masago 4.59
3. Octopus 4.99
4. Shrimp 4.99
5. White Tuna 4.99
6. Tuna 5.99
7. Scallop 5.99
8. Red Snapper 5.99
9. Inari 3.99
10. Tobiko 4.99
11. Crab Stick 4.99
12. Salmon 4.99
13. Smoked Salmon 5.59
14. Yellowtail 5.99
15. Eel 5.99
16. Salmon Roe 5.99

Sushi Bar Entrees

Served with Miso Soup & Salad
SM1. Maki Combo 1
Cucumber Roll, Avocado Roll, Asparagus Roll
SM2. Maki Combo 2
Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll
SM3. Maki Combo 3
Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Yellowtail Roll
SM4. Maki Combo 4
California Roll, Eel Avocado Roll, Mango Shrimp Roll
S3. Sushi Dinner 19.99
S4. Sashimi Dinner 21.99
S5. Sushi & Sashimi Combo
10 pcs sashimi, 5 pcs sushi & spicy tuna roll
S6. Unagi Don (8)
Grilled eel w. eel sauce over seasoning rice

Classic Rolls and Hand Rolls

S7. Avocado Roll 3.59
S8. Cucumber Roll 3.59
S9. Sweet Potato Roll 3.59
S10. Asparagus Roll 3.99
S11. Vegetable Roll 4.59
S12. Peanut Avocado Roll 4.99
S13. Salmon Skin Roll
Salmon skin, cucumber & eel sauce
S14. Sakana Roll
Choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail
S15. California Roll 4.99
S16. Crunchy Crabmeat Roll 5.49
S17. Crabmeat & Cream Cheese Roll 5.49
S18. Alaska Roll
Salmon, cucumber and avocado
S19. Eel Avocado Roll 5.99
S20. Chicken Tempura Roll
Fried chicken tempura, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, topped w. masago & eel sauce
S21. Philadelphia Roll 5.59
S22. Spicy Roll
Choice of tuna, salmon, white tuna, yellowtail or shrimp
S23. Boston Roll 5.99
spicy S24. Bump Roll
Deep-fried spicy tuna, avocado with seaweed outside, topped eel sauce, scallion, spicy mayo and masago
spicy S25. Crabby Crab Roll
Tempura crab and avocado topped with crunchy & spicy mayo
S26. Spicy Scallop Roll
Scallop, scallion and crunchy
S27. Shrimp Tempura Roll
Fried shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, topped w. masago & eel sauce
S28. Crunchy Shrimp Roll
Shrimp tempura, crabmeat topped with crunchy & eel sauce
spicy S29. Fire Crunchy Roll
Shrimp tempura and cream cheese, topped with crunchy & spicy mayo
S30. Spider Roll
Fried soft-shell crab w. cucumber, avocado, lettuce, masago & eel sauce
S31. Sakana Avocado Roll
Choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail

Signature Rolls

S32. Rainbow Roll
Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, topped with assortments of fishes
S33. Volcano Roll
Cucumber, avocado, crabmeat, topped w. four kinds of chopped fish & seared w. eel sauce, spicy mayo sauce
S34. Dragon Roll
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese inside, topped with eel, avocado, masago and eel sauce
S35. Mango Tango Roll
Crunchy spicy yellowtail, avocado inside, and fresh mango on the top, w. chef's special mango sauce
S36. Titan Roll
Spicy tuna & avocado topped w. salmon
S37. Out of Control Roll
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, topped w. tuna, salmon, served w. yuzu sauce and eel sauce
S38. Sexy Girl Roll
Shrimp tempura inside, topped with crabmeat and special sauce
S39. Diamond Roll
Crabmeat, cucumber, avocado, top with baked spicy crab and scallop
S40. Sweet Heart Roll
Spicy tuna crunchy inside, tuna and spicy sauce on top
S41. Xiao's Special Roll
Assorted fish, crabmeat, cream cheese inside, deep fried and topped with spicy crabmeat
spicy S42. Crazy Girl Roll
Lightly fried roll of crabmeat, eel, cream cheese, and avocado, topped w. eel sauce, spicy mayo & masago
S43. Naruto Roll
Salmon, tuna, white tuna, avocado, wrapped in cucumber w. ponzu sauce
S44. Monster Roll
Eel, shrimp, crab, avocado, asparagus and tobiko with eel sauce
S45. Rising Sun Roll
Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, topped w. spicy crabmeat, eel sauce and spicy mayonnaise
S46. Polar Bear Roll
Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, crunch, topped w. white tuna, tobiko, wasabi mayonnaise and eel sauce
S47. Scorpion Roll
Fried soft shell crab, cucumber, cream cheese, topped with spicy tuna, jalapeno, eel sauce and spicy mayo
S48. Hot Pink Lady Roll
Crab tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, with soy paper, topped w. spicy sauce and eel sauce
S49. Angel Roll
Pepper tuna, crunch inside, topped with salmon, eel, avocado and spicy mayo sauce
S50. Shogun Roll
Spicy crabmeat, cucumber inside, smoked salmon, shrimp, avocado on top

Kitchen Entrees

Rice & Noodle

K1. Fried Rice
Chicken $8.99 / Beef $9.99 / Shrimp $ 9.99
K2. Spicy Basil Fried Rice
Chicken $9.99 / Beef $10.99 / Shrimp $10.99
K3. Lo Mein
Chicken $8.99 / Beef $9.99 / Shrimp $ 9.99

Japanese Noodle

K4. Tempura Udon or Soba 10.99
K5. Nabeyaki Noodle Soup 11.99
K6. Noodle Soup
Chicken $10.99 / Beef $11.99 / Shrimp $12.99
K7. Yaki Noodle with vegetables
Chicken $10.99 / Beef $11.99 / Shrimp $12.99

Teriyaki Entree

K8. Chicken Teriyaki 13.99
K9. Salmon Teriyaki 14.99
K10. Beef Teriyaki 15.99
K11. Shrimp Teriyaki 15.99

Tempura Entree

Served w. Salad & Steamed Rice
K12. Vegetable Tempura 9.99
K13. Chicken Tempura 11.99
K14. Shrimp Tempura 12.99
K15. Katsu Pork or Chicken 11.99

Kitchen Entree

Served w. Salad & Steamed Rice
spicy K16. General Tso's Chicken 12.99

Teriyaki Bento Box

K17. Tofu Teriyaki Bento Box 13.99
K18. Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box 14.99
K19. Steak Teriyaki Bento Box 17.99
K20. Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box 17.99
K21. Shrimp Teriyaki Bento Box 18.99
K22. Shrimp & Scallops Teriyaki Bento Box 19.99
K23. Katsu Pork or Chicken Bento Box 14.99


Served with mushroom, scallion, soup, salad, shrimp appetizer, hibachi veg. & choice of white rice, noodle or fried rice
H1. Hibachi Vegetable 11.99
H2. Hibachi Tofu 11.99
H3. Hibachi Chicken 14.99
H4. Hibachi Steak 18.99
H5. hibachi Salmon 18.99
H6. Hibachi Shrimp 19.99
H7. Hibachi Scallop 20.99
H8. Hibachi Filet Mignon 22.99
H9. Hibachi Twin Lobster Tail 31.99

Hibachi Combo

H10. Hibachi Steak & Chicken 19.99
H11. Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp 20.99
H12. Hibachi Chicken & Salmon 20.99
H13. Hibachi Chicken & Scallop 20.99
H14. Hibachi Chicken & Filet Mignon 21.99
H15. Hibachi Steak & Shrimp 22.99
H16. Hibachi Steak & Salmon 22.99
H17. Hibachi Steak & Scallop 22.99
H18. Hibachi Shrimp & Salmon 22.99
H19. Hibachi Shrimp & Scallop 23.99
H20. Hibachi Chicken & Lobster Tail 25.99
H21. Hibachi Steak & Lobster 27.99
H22. Hibachi Shrimp & Lobster 27.99
H23. Hibachi Scallop & Lobster 28.99

Hibachi Special

H24. Chef's Special
Chicken, Shrimp and Steak
H25. Sea and Land
Filet Mignon, Shrimp and Chicken
H26. Ocean Deluxe
Salmon, Shrimp and Scallop
H27. Dinner for Two Special
Filet Mignon, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallop, Twin Lobster Tail Compliments

Side Order

White Rice 2.59
Fried Rice 3.99
Noodle 3.99
Vegetable 4.99
Chicken 6.99
Steak 8.99
Shrimp 8.99
Salmon 8.99
Scallop 9.99
Filet Mignon 10.99
Lobster 14.99

Kid s Menu

(10 years or under)
Served with a Choice of French Fries, Fried Rice or Noodles

1. Kid's Tempura Chicken Tenders 6.99
2. Kid's Chicken Nuggets 6.99
3. Kid's Kiddo's Toast 7.99
4. Kid's Hamburger 7.99
5. Kid's Hot Dog 7.99
6. Kid's Hibachi Chicken 7.99
7. Kid's Hibachi Steak 8.99
8. Kid's Hibachi Shrimp 8.99
9. Kid's Hibachi Salmon 8.99